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© 2013 Pumukli by Tatiana G

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Vintage Pumukli

Pumukli times with friends in Martin, Slovakia circa 1999 taken with Russian Zenit.
I love looking through old photographs..

© 2013 Pumukli by Tatiana Goldmannova

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Pumukli fans :) Happy summer time everyone!

© 2013 Pumukli by Tatiana Goldmannova

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`VINTAGE BLUE` is a hand made collection made from vintage printed fabric and is covered with clear PVC to protect it from wear.

The collection Includes Pumukli Shopper (48cm x 30cm x 15cm),

Pumukli Purse (28cm x 18cm) and Pumukli Handbag (30cm x 19cm x 13cm) .

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Cheeky Chica Marika Purse

This cheeky purse was made for Chica Marika  and it is made from vintage 1950s printed fabric which is covered with clear plastic to protect it.

Size of the purse is approximately 12cm x 11cm x 2cm plus the attached handle which is approx. 16cm long.


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Devil in your heart

This bespoke overnight bag was inspired by necklace of the client .  
In this specific design materials include leather, denim, plastic and wool.

Size of the bag is approximately 45cm x 40cm x 20cm.

As with all Pumukli designs, please find an illustration of the instruction booklet,

"From inside out"


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Hola Mexico

Hand made handbag depicting cartoon cactuses with a Mexican influence. Material used include silk, felt and PVC. Handbag comes with a user manual and accessory such exterior mirror label tag.  The concept behind the use of clear plastic is so the delicate fabric will not wear. Also it is like a framed picture.